Personal Colour Analysis


What is Personal Colour Analysis?

PCA helps in comprehending your skin tone and colors using a diagnostic approach. Knowing your seasonal palette enables you to select clothing, cosmetics, and accessories that complement you best. This simplifies shopping for apparel, cosmetics, and accessories, preventing costly mistakes on unsuitable makeup or clothes. You’ll discover how to coordinate colors for various occasions, showcasing your unique style.

Our professional makeup artists have received training and certification from Japan JCPA and Korea KAPBD. Drawing on overseas training, certification, and extensive practical experience, we have tailored our PCA program specifically for Asian skin tones. Rooted in the 4-Seasons, 12-Categories diagnostic methodology of Japan’s JCPA and Korea’s KAPBD, our program involves comparing colored fabrics against your face to identify hues that enhance your complexion and minimize imperfections. You will learn which colors enhance your appearance, boosting your confidence and refining your overall look.

Following the consultation, you will receive a personalized guidebook to assist you in selecting clothing colors, makeup, nail polish, hair color, and accessories that harmonize with your natural skin tone. Armed with our tailored recommendations, your next shopping outing will be a breeze! Let our expertise bring out the beauty in you.

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